The Rock at Talarik Creek Outpost

Where the BIG fish live!

Rainbow River Lodge and Iliamna River Lodge are excited to expand their epic fishing program by launching a new operation on Lower Talarik Creek. A truly phenomenal fishery, Talarik Creek Outpost will offer a fishing program unparalleled to anything in Alaska.

Package Details

Lower Talarik creek is world renowned for its unique fishery and unusually large rainbow trout. You will be hard pressed to find a larger average rainbow with as much grit and guts as those found on Lower Talarik Creek anywhere in the state of Alaska. It is nestled on banks of the Lower Talarik Creek on a privately-owned section of property and within walking distance of the shores of Lake Iliamna. Talarik Creek Outpost offers unlimited access to all that the Lower Talarik has to offer, in a truly remote and wild setting.

Daily flyouts to other river destinations can be added to your week. The Lower Talarik awaits. The outpost only accepts 4 guests each week making it personal and attractive for groups wanting an exclusive adventure. 


Package Pricing

$5,800 – 6 Days / 6 Nights Fully Guided

Daily flyouts may be added on for $600/pp.


Our bunkhouse has everything you need! 2 sets of bunk beds sleeps 4 anglers comfortably while the generator powers the lights and the Toyotomi heater that keeps everything warm and dry. Anglers and guides will eat hot breakfasts and dinner together in our messhall cabin which doubles as a common area for group gatherings. 

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